About Us

Ignorant Rants is a weekly podcast where Tim, Bobby, and friends get together to talk about whatever it is that we talk about. Sometimes we know a little something about what we’re talking about. Other times we just make it up on the spot. Okay, most times we just make it up on the spot. Why let a little thing like knowledge keep us from talking about something? At Ignorant Rants we don’t let our differences tear us apart. We celebrate those differences. We use those differences to balance each other out, compliment each other, and help us all understand the world a little better. Than we make fun of their stupid opinions until they cry. Because we’re like that! We may not always know what we’re talking about. But at least we’re talking about it. And we believe that the world will never be a better place until people start having those uncomfortable conversations. We don’t run away from the uncomfortable conversations; we meet them head on!