Predicting the UnPredictable (Part 3)

Bowl season, of course I have to do it.

Game 1: Texas Tech vs. USF -2.5

I really do like Texas Tech and they could very well win this game. They just feel so inconsistent.

Game 2: Houston vs. Fresno State +2.5

Do not sleep on the Bulldogs.

Game 3: West Virginia vs. Utah -7

Granted, this game completely depends on which Utah team shows up, but if the one that played against USC in the first half shows up, this could be a blowout. Teams outside of the Big 12 actually play defense.

Game 4: Kansas State vs. UCLA +2.5

UCLA covers if and only if Josh Rosen does his thing, which I think he will.

Game 5: Southern Miss +15 vs. Florida State

The only team FSU could beat by 15 this season is themselves.

Game 6: Boston College +3 vs. Iowa

Boston College has quietly been one of the most-improved teams in college football this season. Iowa’s win vs. OSU was a fluke.

Game 7: Missouri vs. Texas +3

Missouri will either win or lose this game by 21, but since they’re the favorites, I’m going with the underdogs.

Game 8: Stanford +2.5 vs. TCU

Sorry, but I like the Pac-12 and the Cardinal’s running game.

Game 9: North Carolina State vs. Arizona State +6

See above Pac-12 comment.

Game 10: Utah State -4 vs. New Mexico State

Haven’t we seen this episode before?

Game 11: South Carolina +7.5 vs. Michigan

With their QB issues, I see Michigan winning this game, but not by much.

Game 12: UCF +9.5 vs. Auburn

Vegas never shows love to the little guys. Oh well, their loss.


Who do YOU got?!?